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Pattern Implementations

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — GoalsThe “implementation” or “examples” section of any pattern discussion holds several goals (and a few “anti-goals”):Be able to put a concrete-ish example in front of people seeking such. It’s hard to understand exactly how the pattern is supposed to work without pictures or code. I am not great with graphical tools, so for me it’s easier to use code to provide that demonstration.NOT to ex Read More
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When Things May Get Out of Control: Circuit Breakers in Practice

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — In the previous post we have started the discussion about circuit breakers and why this pattern gained so much importance these days. We have learned about Netflix Hystrix, the most advanced circuit breaker implementation for JVM platform, and its typical integration scenarios. In this post we are going to continue exploring the other options available, starting from Apache Zest library.Surprisin Read More
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Spring Data Release Train Ingalls M1 Released

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — On behalf of the Spring Data team, I’m happy to announce the first milestone of the Ingalls release train. The release ships 230 tickets fixed! The most noteworthy new features are:Use of method handles for property access in conversion subsystem (Commons, MongoDB).Upgrade to Cassandra 3.0 for Spring Data Cassandra.Support for declarative query methods for Cassandra repositories.Support for Redis Read More
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Ronan done: Longserving O2 CEO departs

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — Ronan Dunne sticks to plans to leave announced in September, he will be replaced by CFO Mark Evans Read More
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Ofcom tackles network charges in switching crackdown

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — The UK regulator plans to cut ‘double payments’ being made by consumers after switching to a new mobile network Read More
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ActiveRecord Is Even Worse Than ORM

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — You probably remember what I think about ORM, a very popular design pattern. In a nutshell, it encourages us to turn objects into DTOs, which are anemic, passive, and not objects at all. The consequences are usually dramatic — the entire programming paradigm shifts from object-oriented to procedural. I've tried to explain this at a JPoint and JEEConf this year. After each talk, a few people told Read More
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Anticipated Impact of Java 9

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — To gather insights on the state of the Java ecosystem today for DZone's Java Ecosystem research guide to be published in September, we spoke with 15 executives who are familiar with the Java ecosystem.Here’s who we talked to: Read More
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Java Code Challenge: Chemical Symbol Naming-Part One

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — Java Code Challenge is a new regular segment taking the best challenge from Reddit's dailyprogrammer. Things are a little different here as we're focused on Java. A working solution is not enough; we're looking for the cleanest Java code with tests. 3rd party libraries are welcome but if you can do it without it will be easier for others to comprehend.If you can fit your solution in the comm Read More
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Simple Form Login Page With Apache Sling

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — In this post we will show a simple example on how to create a login page with Apache Sling and define which paths will ask for the user to login to the site using our login page.In order to execute this, we need to have the Sling Lauchpad running on our machine. For this we can download the binary from the Apache Sling website in Downloads Section. If you have Docker installed on your machin Read More
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Vodafone UK CEO leaves role for Dutch job

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — Jeroen Hoencamp will become CEO of Vodafone’s JV in the Netherlands, he will be replaced by Nick Jeffery Read More
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EE boost BT revenues at latest financials

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — Two brands continue the integration process at its second financial results together Read More
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